Thursday, October 31, 2013

C4T #3

C4T comment 1

My teacher I was assigned is named, Dorothy Burt. She post to her blog called Manaiakalani: Livng Local Le rning Global.

The blog post is about the The Mayor of Auckland City who signed a 'Memorandum of Understanding' between Auckland City and the Manaiakalani Education Trust. This movie shows you this hui which includes the people of the community,the Kapahaka group, and the whanau.
Mayor Lyn Brown signed a memorandum of understanding the Manaiakalani Education Trust and the Super City of Auckland, NZ. Auckland city was able to carry out its dream of providing free internet to the children in each individual home, and mount the points on power poles to their streets. The mayor of Auckland City went through so much to help the Tamaki Learning Network to become what it is today. It is amazing what the mayor did for these children. Technology has really been a huge deal in helping children in the world. They are able to learn how to use computers and do things through the internet. It is really amazing at how much technology has opened up and broadened people's horizons.
“Digital technology is the foundation for business success in the 21st century. Technology offers our children and young people more than just jobs; it offers them the opportunity to build careers.

C4T Comment 2

Pt England School Gone Google

Google Docs opened a world of possibilities. Children are able to work collaboratively. It bridges their gaps, and it becomes apart of a person's lifestyle. Children who have access to the internet makes them independent learners. It has made a huge difference to this school, and what they have to offer for the future. It becomes apart of a lifestyle and not just what they do in school. Google Docs has been a great enabler for them. Being able to collaborate with their peers, teachers, and adults. You see actual improvement in their learning and improvement in their studies. Google Docs was an amazing idea for students and teachers all over the world.
We actually use Google Docs in EDM310, so I am very much used to collaborating with groups and having people critique my work! It was an amazing invention, and I am most likely going to use this in my teaching.

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