Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blog Post 11

cathy cassidy

We were assigned to watch Ms.Cassidy's first graders in a video called Little Kids.. Big Potential. The video is how they incorporate technology into the classroom. The students have blogs of their own to use, and it has really benefited them in so many ways. Technology is not going away, Kathy said this multiple times in her videos and this statement is very true. Technology is expanding day by day, and our students need to be technologically savvey. The opportunities are endless when it comes to technology. Collaborating and working together as a team really makes a big difference in how children learn. Kathy used many different approaches and strategies in her classroom, and I find many of them interesting. I will be using alot of them whenever I become a future teacher.

In Cassidy Part 1 Kathy talked about three important things I will be using in my classroom which is Blogging, Skype, and Twitter.

As Kathy mentioned in her video, having a blog not only benefits the student, but gives them many opportunities to get feedback on all of their work. Children need to see the audience, and get different insight from other people around the world. Commenting on each others blogs really helps and motivates better learning. I will be using blogging in my classroom, so my students can become bigger and better learners.


Kathy talks about how her first grade class uses Skype and how it relates to blogging. Skype develops a relationship between you and other outsiders all over the world. You can discuss blogging and converse on how to make your writing better and improve it. Skype is a wonderful idea especially when you are a blogger. My students will be blogging, so they will be using Skype also, to connect with people.

Third would be using Twitter. Kathy mentioned that this was considered the "Older People Facebook". Dr.Strange pointed out that many of his students rarely used Twitter. Twitter is a great tool to use in a classroom. You can follow people and possibly find out interesting tips and tools on successful teaching and learning. Twitter is one of the top websites in the world, and is used by many. I believe that this is a great start to finding different tools to add to your personal learning network.

After watching Cassidy Part 3. Many of the students were asking many questions about blogging and how it affects the day to day life in the classroom. Some students asked about plagiarism and stealing peoples work. Cathy pointed out that its not cheating people piggy back off each others work which is considered collaborating. In the world of technology, people help people and work as a team. Learning is all about collaborating, team work, and learning to be successful. Cathy did an amazing job on answering all of our questions about personal learning networks. I will be using many of the strategies in my future teaching

cathy cassidy

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  1. Hello Claire,
    I fully agree with you on using blogging and Skype in my classroom. I think these are both great tools for our students in order to learn beyond our classroom. I also agree that it is important for our kids to be technologically inclined, because just like Mrs. Cassidy said, "Technology is not going away." This is incredibly important for all teachers to realize. We have to work with today's technology, because if not, we are handicapping ourselves and our students like Mrs. Cassidy said. I am not sure if I would use Twitter in my classroom as much as I would use it for myself as an educator. I just feel it would be of more use to me, and I think my students could use a blog for the same purposes. Overall, I really liked your post, and thank you for your ideas!