Monday, November 25, 2013

Blog Post 16

My Dream Classroom:The tools I will use in my classroom Part 1

As a student in EDM310, I never knew what it was like to be able to come up with something like a project or able to come up with an idea. Now that I have been in this class my views on teaching have changed tremendously. My dream is to teach kindergarten. I have always loved children, and I believe that kindergarten is the right grade for me. The classroom would focus mainly on reading and writing. I would have them learn how to write thoroughly, and be able to speak in a proper manner. Kindergarten kids need to be fully prepared to move on to first grade. I will want my students to be fully prepared for the upper levels. Kindergarten kids absorb so much information at such a young age, so I believe that having them fully educated in all subjects will increase grades,scoring and the percentage of children being held back yearly.

As part of my curriculum, I will be using technology in my classroom. The students will use computers, ipads, and we will have a smartboard. The smartboard will be my main use of techology in my class. I want them to get familiar with how to use it. After taking EDM310, I as well became familiar with the smartboard. I love everything about the smartboard, and how it operates. Doing these projects on the smartboard really helped me learn how to operate one, and without this class I would have never known how to use it. It is crazy how time has changed growing up with a chalk and marker board, and now it has transformed into a touchscreen board, with highly qualified tools on there.
Teach Me

There is an APP on the ipads that all my students would have to download, and it is called Teach Me. Kindergarten is an educational app for your iphon,ipad, and ipod. It teaches six different age appropriate subjects to kindergarten aged children. They can sight words, adding, subtracting, spelling and now writing letters and numbers. Parents can select which subjects they want their children to learn and set different difficulty levels to get them better prepared if they are struggling in a subject. Parents can also view a history of their childs progress, to see how each child is doing.

This app keeps children engaged with a rather unique reward system where children earn a coin for every three correct answers. Coins can be used to purchase stickers to place in ccertain sticker scenes or to purchase items for the new aquarium. Sticker scenes can be exported as wallpaper or emailed to family and friends. The simple and intuitive user interface is designed to be child friendly, which allows children to play without help from an adult. An animated teacher (Mimi Mouse) gives verbal instructions and feedback to the child which makes learning fun.

I would also make my parents get very familiar with Google Docs. Parents would use this as a way of communicating with me and able to pull up students work. You can use it to chat with the teacher if you have further questions or things you are not familiar with. Google docs is a very affective way to keep up with work and documents that you share. I love google docs, and I have recommended it to several of my familuy members in college now and they absolutely love it.
google docs

Differences from Blog Post 1: What I would change

After reading my Blog Post 1 there are several differences in what I would change and what I would keep. I would change the idea that I came up with by having my students learn all the subjects in all different languages. At a kindergarten level that might be a little hectic for them to process all of that information in one semester. So I will only use the english and spanish language in my classroom.

Part 2 Final Reflection

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  1. "I never knew what it was like to be able to come up with something like a project or able to come up with an idea." Not even ideas? Amazing!

    If you want a job I would suggest that you not solely focus on kindergarten!

    So you didn't believe me at first? :)

    I agree with you that iPads are especially useful at lower grades. So you are spreading the word about Google Docs. Wonderful.

    That's what we want you to be: an independent lifelong learner.

    Well done.

    Good luck.