Thursday, November 14, 2013

C4K post (November)

C4K Comment 1

My first C4K child is named Louis he is five years old at Pt England School in Auckland. He published a story to his blog called Zombies in Vegas.

The story takes place on an airplane. Shaun awoke from a nightmare, and it was about zombies taking over where he was about to land which was Las Vegas. The story continued with Shaun defeating all the zombies in Las Vegas. The story was quite entertaining, and funny. I believe that after reading this, it made me realize how big kids imaginations are. This particular blog, made me realize that having students write about what they enjoy, really gets them involved with their learning. It really brings their creativity out, and it lets you really see the individual childs talent. As a future teacher, I want my students to have blogs of their own as a fun activity. Not necessarily for a grade, but I will have them publish weekly anything on their mind. I want it to be like a journal. Louis's blog, gave me many ideas of how I want my soon to be students blogs are going to be. It will be made up with imagination, creativity, and exctitement.

C4K Comment 2

My second C4K child is names Zane, and he is also from pt england school! Zane published a story about a Ghost that haunted three boys named Joe, Franklin and Michael. The story was quite funny, because the ghost ended up being a white sheet covering a tractor. I love that the children at this school, are able to make up stories with their imagination and publish them. I think that this idea builds character and gives the child a reason to get feedback on it. Each child progresses, and it is able to broaden their minds and keep them going.

These children are all able to write what comes to their minds, and it really makes them enjoy learning. I think that as future teachers, we all should let each child do some assignment on their own. Let them brainstorm and get feedback from other people to improve their learning.

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