Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Final Report on PLN


On my PLN I added a couple of new interesting things, that I find fascinationg for teachers and students. One of the websites I added was Teachers Homepage:National Geographic. It is basically a website that has different current events world wide that you can read up on. Another website I added was My last C4T teacher: Erin Paynter. I thought they both deserved to be added to my PLN, I can really use these to get good educational articles. These two websites are both educational and I would suggest everyone look into them. I think having a PLN is great, and very helpful. It keeps you organized and helps you stay on top of things. I will be adding more to my PLN as I take many more education classes. This is not only a good use in EDM310, I can use my PLN all the time.

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